s u r r ou n d i n g s

aa p n oo t m ie s l o g ie s


Our bed and breakfast ‘Aap noot mies logies’ lies at the edge of Reitsum. Reitsum is a small terpvillage which is not indicated on all maps, situated in North-Eastern Friesland, seven kilometers west of Dokkum and twenty kilometers north of Leeuwarden.

The countryside around Reitsum is dominated by the ‘terps’ and by the Wadden Sea. Terps are hills made by people centuries ago, to protect themselves against the upcoming sea. Four kilometres from our bed and breakfast is the highest terp of the Netherlands (nine metres) and a visitors centre.

The Wadden Sea is very close by. Its dike is beautiful and interesting, the salty swamps interesting, you can do guided tours over the bottom of the sea when its low tide (‘wadlopen’), you can make a daytrip to the islands of Ameland and Schiermonnikoog. It has a salt swamps behind the dike where you can do guided tours over the bottom of the sea when its low tide (‘wadlopen’). The islands of Ameland and Schiermonnikoog are close by. You can make wonderful daytrips to them.

Dokkum is a beautiful ancient little town (13.000 inhabitants) with a canal and bulwark around its centre. The bulwark and its narrow lanes are very attractive to stroll while enjoying its countless centuries old houses and buildings. The centre itself has many nice restaurants, pubs, shops and places where you can eat sweet icecreams. Dokkum is famous of Saint Bonifatius who was killed there roughly 1250 years ago, while he was Christianizing the area.

Leeuwarden has interesting architecture, both old (tower of Oldehove, the Waag, pharmacy in Art Nouveau style) as well as modern (Achmeatoren, Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden), quiet parks (Prinsentuin) and churches (Jacobijnekerk), but of course it has a lively shop centre, restaurants and pubs as well. Leeuwarden is not too crowded, 25 car-minutes from Reitsum, and its parking possibilities are plenty and affordable.

The villages around Reitsum have interesting things to see as well. To name only a few: the tower of Hallum, an ugly grain sylo with stairs to provide a view over the Wadden Sea, the boeddhistic temple in Hantum, with a ‘real’ Indean monk, the Wiersma Hus in Burdaard where a milkman painted the walls and ceilings with primitive art.

And a bit further away: the unbelievable Eise Eisinga Planetarium of Franeker (40 car minutes) with the oldest still working planetarium of the world and the seal crèche of Pieterburen where sick seals recover and are placed back into nature (30 car minutes).

Maybe best of our area are the possibilities to cycle. You can do the famous 11 City Tour, which is skated in winter and cycled in summer, or you can choose your own route and use the handy ‘fietsnetwerk routes’ with maps, numbers and arrows along the roads. We have four bicycles that you can borrow from us.